Other Work 

Audio Books Narrated By Terence

The Breaker By Kit Denton - (Audie Award Winner - Best Fiction Unabridged,1998, USA) Released by Bolinda Audio Books in 1997, available on 8 cassettes or 10 cds. Running time 11 hours. You can listen to a clip of the Breaker and read a review at Audio File Magazine.         

Victim of the Aurora By Thomas Keneally. Released by Bolinda Audio in 1999, available on 7 cassettes. Running time 8 hours 30 mins. Listen to a clip at Bolinda Audio.     

Theatre Soundtracks released on CD

Chicago - A Musical Vaudeville - Australian Cast, 1981 - Terence plays Billy Flynn. 

Paris, 1990 - Terence plays King Priam. Released on double cd set in 2003.             


The Donkey's Dream / Befana and The Three Kings - Two Christmas stories narrated by Bert Newton, Patti McGrath, Frank Rich and Terence.

Loose Ends / Hickery Holler's Tramp - Recorded by Terence in 1973.  

The Stripper - Musical soundtrack released in 1982. Terence plays Al Wheeler.     


Sex, Lies and Gramophone Records (774 ABC Melbourne) - Terence stars as Rip in episode 6.            

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